Wednesday, 15 June 2011

How much sleep?

Ahh sleep, something everyone absolutely loves but doesn’t have enough of it. Do you how much sleep is it recommended we get every day? 4 hours? 6 hours? It is recommended we get 8 hours of sleep every day. But do you really get 8 hours of sleep every day? I know I certainly don’t as I have work to do or I have to study for an exam or a test. But usually when you’re fully awake at night you know you should sleep but you instead want to watch a movie, go on Youtube or Facebook. Something I do a lot!! The next day where I’ve received not much sleep I would always say “OK TONIGHT YOU ARE SLEEPING EARLY” but do I? Probably once every ten nights ill sleep early or have an adequate amount.

For me the least amount of sleep I need to function for the day is probably around 6 hours that is pretty high but I’m a person who needs a lot of sleep. But if I get a day where I am able to sleep the whole day like a public holiday (Thank you Queen’s Birthday on Monday in Australia :P) it lowers the amount of sleep I need to function throughout the day.

But bear in mind I am not a person who drinks coffee or energy drinks. I don’t have a daily morning coffee to wake me up or an energy drink like Red bull to start the day off. If I am really sleepy then I would take a nice hot shower first thing in the morning but that’s about it on how I try and stay awake.
Anyway this was a short quick blog about my thoughts on sleep. And since I have a free day tomorrow guess who’s going to be sleeping in :D?

So how much sleep do you AT LEAST need to be able to function throughout the day?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Planking and Cone-ing

Now every person living in Australia knows that this country is a bit on “I’m bored” country. Where Australians are stereotyped to having a laidback life where you hit the beaches mateee, and that we ride on our kangaroos to school. Well anyway it started around a month ago when the internet craze ‘planking’ came to surface in Australia. ‘Planking’ is when someone lies on their stomach and be as straight as possible with their arms to their sides. Literally they are trying to mimic a plank of wood, what made it more of a craze was that you had to do it somewhere significant like on a building, in a shop, etc but not like in your bedroom, people who plank in their bedrooms and post it on Facebook or the internet are referred to as ‘amateur plankers’.  I had a friend that planked on a police car and posted it as his DP on Facebook but a day later he had it removed because he found an article where a man was arrested for planking on a police car, he got caught because he as well posted it on Facebook.

The Art of Planking
But then after a while a tragic incident had occurred, the first man to die from planking. A Brisbane man was drunk and he attempted to plank on balcony railing 7 storeys high. He lost his footing and fell down to his death. (You can read more here
20 Year Old Acton Beale who died from Planking
After the planking craze died down something new appeared in Australia. It was called ‘cone-ing’, cone-ing is when you order a soft serve ice-cream and when you reach for it your hand is upside down and you reach for the ice cream instead of the cone, then you turn your hand around and eat the cone, with the ice-cream in your hand on the bottom and the cone on the top.

I personally find it very weird and would not do it but if you were to do for some harmless fun then I won’t stop you.

Have you ever planked or cone-d? What do you think about planking and cone-ing?

Monday, 13 June 2011

Computer Mouses

Yay my first blog is gonna be about computer mouses :P

Now every day we use mouses for our computers right? (OBVIOUSLY). Nowadays many mouses are offered for many uses such as for the office, for gaming etc. They come in wired or wireless and with extra buttons for increasing the mouse sensitivity to going back a page or forward a page on a website. Also another factor is the ergonomics involved in the mouse, whether it’s comfortable or not, if it sits nicely on your hand or feels like you’re holding something really irregular.

There are some basic ones, like the one made by Microsoft that is all black. These basic mouses are great for offices because they are cheap, affordable and they work that cost around $10.

 Now then on the other side there are those hardcore gaming mouses that can range from $50-$150. Razer is a company that sells many gaming keyboards and mouses, I found one of their highest priced mouse at $129.99 with the specs such as 6400dpi 4G dual sensor system.  I find gaming mouses do have some sort of impact towards your gaming experience but I don’t find it necessary to buy a gaming mouse for $130. I mean if you have the money laying around go for it but if you don’t a mouse around $50 could serve you well in your gaming journey.
Razer Mamba ($129.99)

The mouse I am using right now is Logitech MX518. I bought it 3 years ago when my friend recommended me a mouse because I was using a cheap Microsoft mouse :S. It was pretty cheap as well as I got it for $37. It has a nice ergonomic design and has an adjustable sensitivity button. I could easily see a improvement in my gaming after a few days of using a gaming mouse because it was so much smoother, oh and the game I was playing was Counter-Strike (Oh the memories)
Logitech MX518

Anyway If you game I DEFINITELY recommend you to get a gaming mouse if you don’t.
And what mouse are you using right now?